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Dapitan Culture & Environment     Posted on Sep 25 | 28 Comments

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When I first arrived in Dapitan City, I noticed that it is

a very quiet and serene place, and the people there lived a very simple life. The lifestyle is relaxed, calm and laid-back.

When I was able to go around the city, the well-maintained paved sidewalks and the surroundings are ideal for taking leisurely walks. The clear blue skies reflected the raw, nature-like qualities of the place. Dapitan is pretty much untouched and enveloping the city are greenish hills and long stretch of mountains.

Dapitan City itself is very small and you could walk around the place in a few hours. When nighttime came, fireflies gathered along the clear rivers of Dapitan, which was incredibly beautiful to watch.

I noticed though that at around 6 or 7pm in the evening, almost all of the commercial buildings are already closed. And there isn’t much to do around the city in terms of shopping or nightlife. I think the city’s economic development is slow in pace seeing that there are limited numbers of commercial buildings around and the only means of public transportation is a tricycle. The good thing about it is that gasoline prices are much cheaper compared to Dumaguete City, where I came from.

Buildings around Dapitan City such as old houses, churches, schools and water wells, reflect its rich culture during the time of the Spanish rule. It’s like going back in time. Given Dapitan’s limited nightlife, the best place to go to during the evening is Gloria de Dapitan complex. If you fancy a place where you can just hang out with your friends, there are a few small bars along the Sunset Boulevard that you can check out.

Being in Dapitan for more than three months now, I have noticed that the criminality rate is very low, so it’s a pretty safe and peaceful place to stay. Dapitan is indeed known for its gentle and hospitable people, which make my stay even better and more enjoyable.