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Company Profile

Fantasyland Travel & Tour originally started as one of the profit centers of Gloria de Dapitan, a business and leisure park in the heart of Dapitan City, which was incorporated in May of 2005.

Initially, we catered to the transport needs of tourists/visitors of the city and then later on developed a tour package that was launched on national television in the first quarter of 2009. This is to promote a wider range of products and services provided by its sister companies. The increasing service demands of the market then inspired new management to engage in a full-scale travel and tour services.

We currently specialize in organizing tour packages, which are marketed through retail travel agents.


Our Main Values

Love for God & trust for His sovereignty

The motivation for our service stems out from our love and commitment to God, to do everything for Him, and the reliance in His strength, wisdom and guidance.


We believe on the principle of going the extra mile, of meeting beyond the expectations of our customers, staying optimistic, humbly facing and correcting mistakes, always having a teachable heart to learn new and innovative ways to keep up with the demands of the time and believing the impossible is possible. The words, “WE can Do It”, “Let’s Make Things Happen,” “Yes we Can” should be a normal part of our language and culture.

Customer Satisfaction

We know that our success depends on consistently providing value for our customers and meeting their distinct needs. Consequently, we must always strive to be attentive listeners, able to respond compassionately, quickly and decisively.


Recognizing that God is our ultimate Boss and Master to whom we are ultimately accountable, we uphold and value honesty in everything we do, knowing that we can never hide it from Him.

We will strive to remain true and honest at all times. We believe that in order for us to stay in business and win the respect of our clientele is for us to keep our integrity, honor our commitments even when it hurts.


We understand the principle on “respect begets respect” which is synonymous to the proverb, “what you sow is what you will reap.” Thus, we are determined to treat everyone with respect stemming from the fact that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made by our Master Creator who values each person as his treasured possession. Thus, we strive to create an environment where everyone can contribute, be successful, maximizing on our strengths and complementing the other’s weaknesses. We want to treat each one as a source of new ideas to achieve our highest potential.


We recognize that we are not only a team but a family that is manifested in our work ethics: dream together, move together, support, correct and protect each other. The families of each one automatically become our extended family. We value Family greatly and this is reflected in the way we design our tour packages. This includes pricing of our packages, presentation of our marketing and advertising collaterals, and the planning of most of our tour activities.


Employing of creative solutions and embedding artistry in the things we do as a company, recognizes the intrinsic artistic abilities of every individual.


Tailor-made tour packages, Domestic

Educational Packages, Domestic

Domestic Land arrangements

Transport Services, Domestic

Hotel Reservations, Domestic

Conferences, Domestic



To be the premier local tour operator and travel agency in Mindanao, with both domestic and global networks exercising responsible tourism.


To be instrumental in making Dapitan City as the next major tourist destination in the Philippines.