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A Perfect Aliguay Island Get Away – Top 5 Must-do     Posted on Jul 18 | 6 Comments

Breath-taking… Enticing… Stunning… That is how I personally describe Aliguay Island – one of the most sought after tourist destination in Dapitan City. I have been and have gone back to Aliguay for like a number of times already, and why do I keep coming?

Here’s why:

Top 5 Must Do in Aliguay Island
  1. Run on the floaters!

See that pink and blue floaters that bridge you from the fast craft to the island? Yes, you are left with two choices: (1) walk and be gently assisted by the boat crew; or (2) run on excitement! Well, I always run, go ahead, its fun! 🙂

  1. Trek and explore.decorative products in Aliguay

Remember Dora the Explorer? I personally don’t like her but lately I realized I was becoming like her. You know what I mean? Everytime I go to Aliguay Island, I go trekking. I shop for souvenirs and local products like dried fishes or make friends with the local people. They’re nice, especially the dried fish vendors, I always get a discount from them. Hehehe… And there is always something I discover each time I trek. The tennis court, the airstrip, a deep well… those were just a few of my many discoveries in the Island.  So, save an hour from your itinerary to trek & explore Aliguay.

  1. Buy dried pusit.

This is one product from Aliguay Island that is superbly mouth-watering and bilbil-gaining, haha! Bulad Pusit (tagalog and visayan term for dried squids) are being sold by the locals for only Php100 per pack which is about ¼ kilo! So imagine a kilo of cooked rice, a pack of fried dried pusit, plus sukang pinakurat and a bottle of Coke…What a perfect lunch for two! It’s Pusitlicious baby!

  1. Go snorkeling…

Grab your snorkel, mask, and fins! The blue waters of Aliguay boast of different kinds of the friendliest marine species. Experience underwater life in the simplest and most natural setting… It’s just like you were in an endless aquarium! And take note, snorkeling appeals to all ages so you would definitely love it too! 🙂snorkeling

  1. Take a picture with the tour guide. 🙂

with Casey, our tour guideWe always have pictures with our friends or family or whoever we are with on our island get-away. But who’s that person who always answers our questions; give us info, always ready to assist us, takes our pictures at times? Yes, you’re right! Our dashing tour guide! We owe our 1 to 4 excitement from our tour guide. So c’mon, it’s always nice to remember him, not to mention that he’s cute and articulate.  Say cheese! 🙂

Well, that’s it! I’ve named FIVE.  How about you? 🙂

6 responses to “A Perfect Aliguay Island Get Away – Top 5 Must-do”

  1. awe atchison says:

    yeah i so loved the people of aliguay their very approachable and nice….i also loved the dried pusit, it gives me total satisfaction for lunch…yum yum…. :))

  2. airmax blog says:

    You’ve made a number of reasonable details generally there. I looked on the web for that problem and located the general public should go along with with your site.

  3. chipmunk says:

    awesome! i want to go back to aliguay.. so many new thing to explore… been there like 2 years ago already.. wow i heard so many changes… really excited to see…

  4. joseph says:

    aliguay is awesome, i wanna go back to aliguay island…

  5. Nadine Haven says:

    Thanks for all of your work on this web page. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  6. yes,,, very beautiful place,.,i wanna go back to my place aliguAY island,. because aliguay is so beautiful like the blue water and dried pusit,.,hehe nak miss,.,.

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