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Resort Aerial Tour•   Minimum of 2 Maximum of 3 passengers

Enjoy your visit at Dakak Park and Beach Resort with a twist! Fly high above the trees; see the beautiful sights of the resort from a bird’s eye view and be mesmerized by the splendor and beauty of the countryside.

Flight Duration: 10 minutes


Php 4,500 per person

Odyssey Island Tour •   Minimum of 2 Maximum od 3 passengers

Get away from it all by taking our exclusive tour to the island paradise of Aliguay. Aliguay Island is rich with marine life and coral reefs all situated just a few minutes off the coast of Dakak Park and Beach Resort. Keep an eye for dolphins and whales that frequent the heavenly blue waters from the resort to Aliguay Island.

Flight Duration: 20 minutes


Php 7,500 per person

Imperial Mountain Tour •   Minimum of 3 passengers

Fly at 8,000 feet altitude high above the clouds over the twin towers of Mount Ampiro and Mount Malindang, a landmark which local natives have treasured for centuries. If you are searching for a scenic tour that is filled with wonder and splendor, this is the tour you have been looking for!

Flight Duration: 1 Hour


Note: Standard flying charge is Php 44,000.00

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


Php 12,500 per person