Fantasyland Travel and Tour Gloria's Fantasyland, Dakak Beach Resort, Rizal Tours 2016-03-31T09:42:05Z Fantasyland Travel and Tour <![CDATA[AlDub goes to Fantasyland!]]> 2016-03-16T06:49:03Z 2016-03-16T06:29:34Z aldub in Fantasyland for website

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, also known as AlDub, were the new endorsers of Gloria’s Fantasyland in Dapitan City.

The social media world has gone wild after it was announced that the nation’s phenomenal love team, Alden and Maine, will do a commercial shoot in Gloria’s Fantasyland and a visit at the famed Dakak Beach Resort on March 14, 2016.

Alden and Maine experienced most of the rides in Gloria’s Fantasyland, to include the tummy-churning Alibaba Rollercoaster, the 5D Cinema and the best Horror House in Asia! The commercial shoot started at 4 in the afternoon and ended after Gloria’s Fantasyland’s highlight, the Festival of Colors parade where the two have delightedly participated.

The renowned theme park was flooded with excited supporters from this side of the country. Each had the chance to watch their beloved love team’s commercial shoot, while some were lucky to take photos with them. Most of their avid fans around the globe never failed to follow the updates over Twitter and Facebook.

AlDub in Fantasyland commercial will be shown sooner on TV this summer!

Take a sneak peek of the commercial, click the link below:

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Derick <![CDATA[Gloria’s Fantasyland: The Festival of Colors (Grand Launching 12.14.14)]]> 2014-12-08T05:09:37Z 2014-12-08T05:01:52Z

We would like to inform everyone that the Royal Queen of GMA 7 Miss Marian Rivera will be here at Dapitan City this coming December 14, 2014.
Festival of Colors

An extravagant Night Parade featuring the most colorful costumes of the world.
“Gloria’s Fantasyland… where everyday is a Festival.”

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See you all.

Pons Ligutom <![CDATA[Conquering My DAKAcrophobia(Dakak Zip line Adventures)]]> 2013-02-25T09:09:37Z 2013-02-25T09:00:40Z With the rise in zip line popularity here in the Philippines and all over the world, Dakak Park and Beach Resort has just opened its new zip line facility and is the new home of the longest zip line in Asia.

I was so excited to experience and conquer the longest dual zip-line facility in the entire Asian continent with a total length of 1,364 meters (1.3 Km), especially that it is located in Dakak, that I had to be there in time of the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. It was around 9 o’clock in the morning when I and my colleagues, with our acrophobias set aside, headed to Dakak zip line with the goal to defeat our fear of heights. It was a quiet 30-45 minute ride from the city proper to the resort. Arriving at Dakak and seeing the very steep dirt roads leading towards the launch point which is 300 meters above sea level my heart started to pump faster as I was getting anxious.  Due to our Nissan van’s lack of torque power we were fetched by military type jeep that would transport us to the launch point. It was a rough ride but the jeep made it look easy. Finally, we arrived and had the chance to catch our breath but not for long, after the short ceremony it was time for the moment of truth.


Stepping into the launch platform I could see the very beautiful panoramic view of Dakak and so is the endpoint of the zip line which is barely visible due to its distance. I had mixed feelings of fear, anxiety and excitement. At first I was hesitant on whether to do it or not having the paranoia that the cables would snap. But what the heck, thinking that I am already here why not do it anyway; it was a onetime chance of having the title of conquering the longest in Asia. So the crew started to put on my harness and a few minutes later, it was time to fly! I was trying the superman position so that I could imagine that I was flying like superman.

As I was getting ready for take-off my heart again started to beat faster, 1..2..3 and I was released, the feeling of fear disappeared after just 4 to 5 seconds, it started with a steep dive that gradually straightens out as it nears the end. Traversing or should I say flying across the beautiful landscape & seascape with the air kissing my face at high speeds of Dakak zip line was the most exhilarating 50 seconds of my entire life. Though the ride lasted under a minute, it felt like eternity and it was the closest thing I could get to flying.

Dakak Zip line, the longest in Asia, should definitely be in your itinerary when visiting Dapitan City.

Zip-lining! Definitely more fun in Dapitan!…

Dakak Zipline Video :

by: ponsligutom.blogs

Fantasyland Travel and Tour <![CDATA[A Perfect Aliguay Island Get Away – Top 5 Must-do]]> 2012-10-27T09:56:34Z 2012-07-18T05:55:49Z Breath-taking… Enticing… Stunning… That is how I personally describe Aliguay Island – one of the most sought after tourist destination in Dapitan City. I have been and have gone back to Aliguay for like a number of times already, and why do I keep coming?

Here’s why:

Top 5 Must Do in Aliguay Island

  1. Run on the floaters!

See that pink and blue floaters that bridge you from the fast craft to the island? Yes, you are left with two choices: (1) walk and be gently assisted by the boat crew; or (2) run on excitement! Well, I always run, go ahead, its fun! :)

  1. Trek and explore.decorative products in Aliguay

Remember Dora the Explorer? I personally don’t like her but lately I realized I was becoming like her. You know what I mean? Everytime I go to Aliguay Island, I go trekking. I shop for souvenirs and local products like dried fishes or make friends with the local people. They’re nice, especially the dried fish vendors, I always get a discount from them. Hehehe… And there is always something I discover each time I trek. The tennis court, the airstrip, a deep well… those were just a few of my many discoveries in the Island.  So, save an hour from your itinerary to trek & explore Aliguay.

  1. Buy dried pusit.

This is one product from Aliguay Island that is superbly mouth-watering and bilbil-gaining, haha! Bulad Pusit (tagalog and visayan term for dried squids) are being sold by the locals for only Php100 per pack which is about ¼ kilo! So imagine a kilo of cooked rice, a pack of fried dried pusit, plus sukang pinakurat and a bottle of Coke…What a perfect lunch for two! It’s Pusitlicious baby!

  1. Go snorkeling…

Grab your snorkel, mask, and fins! The blue waters of Aliguay boast of different kinds of the friendliest marine species. Experience underwater life in the simplest and most natural setting… It’s just like you were in an endless aquarium! And take note, snorkeling appeals to all ages so you would definitely love it too! :)snorkeling

  1. Take a picture with the tour guide. :)

with Casey, our tour guideWe always have pictures with our friends or family or whoever we are with on our island get-away. But who’s that person who always answers our questions; give us info, always ready to assist us, takes our pictures at times? Yes, you’re right! Our dashing tour guide! We owe our 1 to 4 excitement from our tour guide. So c’mon, it’s always nice to remember him, not to mention that he’s cute and articulate.  Say cheese! :)

Well, that’s it! I’ve named FIVE.  How about you? :)

]]> 6 Pons Ligutom <![CDATA[My Aliguay Island AdvenTOUR]]> 2012-10-27T09:52:51Z 2012-07-11T03:54:16Z Dapitan City is not just all about Dakak Park Beach Resort and Jose Rizal anymore. One of the best beaches to experience when in Dapitan is the crystal clear turquoise waters of Aliguay Island.

Last July 7, a Saturday, me and 5 of my colleagues had the opportunity to go and experience the wonders of Aliguay, from white sand beaches to diverse coral reefs. Staying here in Dapitan for almost eight months now, I finally made it for the first time to this sought-after island in this city.It was a 45-minute trip from Dakak pier uno via the 98-seater airconditioned fast craft, Serpentina. It was a great relief to have such vessel down here for local tourists like me who may not be that adventurous in taking the local ‘banca’.

 fastcraft sepentina

While underway the swells were a bit rough, but that didn’t matter anymore as we were greeted by the shimmering white sands of Aliguay Island upon arrival.I find the island small and inhabited mostly by fisher folks. To my surprise, I discovered an airstrip! Such a small island at that with an airstrip can only mean two things!! Either the island is owned by such a wealthy business tycoon who flies to the island for his own private leisure or the island must soon be a major beach destination!  Looking at it, the latter is most likely to happen.  Aliguay, with its magnificent beauty will soon open its shores to tourists who prefer to fly direct to the island via light aircrafts.

We only had until noon-time so we immediately took a quick dip in the pool then eventually on the beach and geared up for snorkeling. It was my first time in Aliguay and it didn’t disappoint me, the coral reefs were an amazing site and a must see when in Aliguay. There were schools oflunchtime both tiny and large species of fish, I could snorkel the whole day but time did not permit. The island is perfect for tourist backpackers who want to experience a more peaceful and serene paradise island vacation. You can likewise try fishing and kayaking.

When you are on budget trip to Aliguay do not forget to bring food, especially fresh drinking water because fresh water is scarce in the Island, although one resto, called Tacubo Restaurant is amazingly affordable.During our short trip we had some “poso” (rice wrapped and cooked in coconut leaves), chicken adobo (chicken cooked in fish sauce and vinegar), and two cans of corned beef for our quick lunch. We hurriedly ate our lunch in a nearby bangka as it was already past 11 am and our Serpentina ride was about to leave.

Even if we had only limited time, toasting ourselves under the Hot Aliguay Sun was truly a worthwhile experience I would definitely come back again for more!

Indeed, it’s fun in the Philippines! It’s more fun in Aliguay!!!

]]> 14 Fantasyland Travel and Tour <![CDATA[Drizzling Season Treat]]> 2012-07-06T09:05:03Z 2012-06-23T02:21:29Z Avail of our latest promo, DRIZZLING SEASON TREAT!

Enjoy an overnight stay at the renowned Dakak Park and Beach Resorthave the FUN-of-your-life at Gloria’s Fantasyland, a tour to Dr. Rizal’s haven and more for as low as Php 1,549 per person only!





2,649 per pax


2,249 per pax


2,549 per pax


1,949 per pax


2,849 per pax


2,649 per pax


2,349 per pax


1,849 per pax


1,749 per pax


1,649 per pax


1,749 per pax


1,549 per pax


1,949 per pax

      • Selling Period : June 21 to July 15 or until slots last
      • Tour Period : July – August 2012
      • Minimum number of persons: 50


Tour Inclusions:

      • Fantasyland Ride-All-the-Rides Ticket Pass
      • Overnight stay at the Dakak Family Pavilion Room (Max. of 16 or 21 persons per room)
      • Dapitan City Historical Tour w/ Tour Guide
      • Barbecue Dinner at B&B Resto By D’Sea
      • Filipino Breakfast at Dakak Beach Resort
      • Free Bus Transfers from and back to the designated areas (For Negros Oriental, Cebu and Bohol, kindly refer first to the office for the pick-up area)
      • Boat transfers from and back to Dumaguete and Cebu including clients from Bacolod City/Negros Occidental.


Tour Policies:

  1.  Kids 3 years old and below are free!!!
  2.  Kids 4-7 years old are considered 50% discount. (no bus seat and only bed-sharing with the parents)
  3. Kids 8 years old and above are considered full paying guests.
  4. Payment of 50% should be done within 24 hours as soon the reservation is confirmed.
  5. Balance should be paid on or before the second week.
  6. Minimum booking is 50 pax and a maximum of 61 per bus.
  7. NO discounts for senior citizens as this is a promo rate.
  8. NON-refundable.
  9. NON-reroutable.
  10. NO changes allowed once booked. However, a fee of P 200 per person will be charged if rebooking and changes will be made.
  11. Fixed travel time. No waiting, No delays.
  12. Fixed itinerary.
  13. Baggage should not exceed 5 kilos. (Excess baggage is P50 per kilo).
  14. Should there be additional person/s outside the promo or selling period, regular Budget Package Rate shall be applied.



Book now! Limited slots only..

It is definitely more fun in Dapitan City! :)

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 09176277991/ 09228159124/ 09393579250, or email us at

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